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Face the World Signature Facial

Every sense is caressed and pampered through a beautiful world of music, delightful aromas, wonderful textures, temperatures and choreographed techniques. We combine cutting edge technology with active naturals in a gentle paraben-free, cruelty-free system, suitable for all skin types. 

Thai foot massage – Indian Head Massage – Eastern Facial Massage

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As well as the above world massages, we also offer a wide range of different massage techniques. We generally tailor make and adjust the massage sequence to suit each client. Therefore, we price for the time, not the technique. 



Massage Types:

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*For Hydroderm and Hot Stone Massage, this is £5 extra*

Pregnancy Accupuncture

Pregnancy Acupuncture for inducing labour or turning breach babies is very popular. Fertility treatment courses also work well with a combination of Kore Therapy and Acupuncture.