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Kore Therapy

Kore Therapy uniquely integrates both eastern and western medicine using a hands on intervention to address pain and symptoms of illness and find the root cause of the pain.

Functional tests are used to find the root cause of a condition, and traditional Chinese medicine techniques are then used to treat the condition, instead of concentrating on the pain or just looking at the symptom. 

For example, lower back pain and digestive issues are linked, as can back strains and knee problems, the knee can not recover if the back strain is not treated. 


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Acupuncture has been used in the far east to restore, promote and maintain good health for over 2500 years. At The Wellness Centre, we use traditional Chinese theory generally alongside Kore Therapy Treatment. However, we do treat with just Acupuncture if desired.

Cupping Treatment is used as one of the Chinese techniques within a Kore Treatment


Have you been diagnosed by a Medical Professional and prescribed or advised to take pain relief medication and not really been given any answers?

Do you know that pain is not simply a measure of tissue damage?

Pain is a complex calculation made in the brain to send an appropriate message to the area that needs attention. 

Emotional pain can present itself as physical pain. 

If you are ready to ‘get rid’ of your old pain, we can do so by turning off the pain signal to your un conscious mind. 

This works well for fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthiritis, post-surgery pain and much more. 

Contact us to see if this is the correct treatment for you.